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There are many things to like about Cortez Kitchen Green Smoothie Bar

The beautiful decor and atmosphere, the wonderful smoothie options and the cozy atmosphere make this restaurant an enjoyable place to eat. But it's more than just a beautiful space. I went to try out the fresh seafood offerings at Cortez Kitchen. My first time there was a quick bite and I had a great time relaxing on the outdoor seating patio while enjoying my lunch. They offer three dining rooms which are all very nice, the best smoothies are in the south one. One of them even has an indoor-outdoor fireplace. This location is a great place for couples with small children as it has a child-sized outdoor seating area and there are enough places for everyone to sit and enjoy themselves. There are over twenty seafood varieties at Cortez Kitchen. Of course fresh seafood is very popular, but they also offer chicken breast, tuna, salmon, trout, lobster, grits, chicken fried steak, veal, and lamb. I never thought I'd enjoy seafood with a Green Smoothie, but I was wrong! Of course you can also have some pork and beef if you prefer.

Wide Selection

This is a huge offering of excellent tasting foods. The pricing of the food is very reasonable and worth the trip if you are ever in the mood for some good tasting seafood. It's worth taking note that all the food is prepared using fresh local seafood. The chef also serves up interesting cocktails and other drinks to top off your delightful dining experience. The food is simply scrumptious and very tasty. It really is a remarkable experience. When you visit Cortez Kitchen, you will notice there is a lovely courtyard right outside the dining room.  This courtyard is decorated beautifully and offers a beautiful afternoon or evening view of the beautiful surrounding hills and waters. It is a wonderful setting for families to gather and enjoy a green smoothie and each other's company. It is certainly a beautiful place to be. A great way to enjoy the beautiful views of the surroundings while dining at Cortez Kitchen is to hire a boat. You can take your family on a tour of the bay.

Take A Boat Ride

The captain of the boat can take you on a ride on one of the many cruises that make their way through the waters of Cortez. This is a terrific way to spend a day on the water. Throughout most of the year, the Cortez Kitchen restaurant is open for lunch only. There are special late-night menus that offer large portions of Ribs. Many of the evening meals are also available throughout the week. There are so many wonderful dishes to choose from that your entire family is sure to be pleased with every meal they eat at Cortez Kitchen. You will see why this is such a popular dining spot not only in the area of La Bandera, but in the entire Dominican Republic as well. Your family will love to spend this vacation at Cortez Kitchen enjoying this fabulous location. Don't miss out on the fun! All of your vacations begin with a visit to this wonderful destination. When it comes time to decide where to stay during your visit to Cortez Kitchen, you have plenty of options. You can stay right on the beach in a comfortable and convenient room. 
This would be our recommendation for younger children who are staying with an infant or small child. Or, you could choose to rent some extra vacation rental property near the beach for your longer vacation. Your Cortez Kitchen vacation would be wasted without taking advantage of the outdoor seating area. The beach is just steps from the dining room. This is great because you and your family can enjoy the fresh air together while you dine. You also have a nice patio to sit out on after dinner and to enjoy. Since this is an all-inclusive vacation, you will not need to worry about additional expenses such as food. Everything you eat and drink comes to you at the same cost. You will not pay more for transportation either. What you will do is fill your plate and go! That is why we like to call this dining room one of the best in the city. If you are planning a vacation to Cortez Mexico, you should consider booking a stay at Cortez Kitchen. Your entire family is sure to love it. And, it is sure to put a smile on your face every time you look at it. Why not make it a point to go here every year? It's an affordable luxury, you will never regret.